The Online Game Review – Does It Actually Work?

by Josh

Okay, The Online Game, Derek Lamont’s internet attraction system has recently become the most popular guide around for guys looking to hook up with hot babes on dating sites, but I wanted to know… “Does this actually work for a regular dude?”

I’ve been online dating for a while now, and things have finally started to pick up for me a bit ie. I’m starting to hook up with fairly hot women with some regularity… But that said, I know how tough it can be to get the momentum going, and I really struggled for a long time to get any love online.

Derek’s course sounded promising to me, so I decided to do a full review of the course and report on my findings. I even tested out a lot of the stuff he recommends to see if it would work for me (a pretty average looking, kinda out of shape guy with a crappy job, and yellow teeth…)

Seen Derek’s video? Check it out here:

The Online Game Review

The Online Game FAQS…

What do you learn in Derek’s program?

Derek’s Online Game program is basically like a step by step blueprint for how to meet women on the internet including paid dating sites like, free sites like OKCupid or Plenty Of Fish as well as social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace (does anyone actually STILL use Myspace??)

What you get is instruction on things like, what pictures to use, exactly how to set up your profile including your headline, intro, call to action etc… how to make contact with women, how to get them to write you back, how to get them on the phone, on dates, and in bed. So it’s like a A-Z online seduction guide for lack of a better description.

I’ll say that the course is pretty darn comprehensive. Like I said, I’ve been using online dating quite a bit lately, and I though of a lot of questions along the way. This program addressed all the big things that I wondered/worried about doing right.

How does this compare to other programs on the subject?

There are a few other online dating guides that I have come across that varied in quality from downright total BS from guys who are probably virgins to some pretty good info. All in all though I think that this is probably the best thing available. I also like the fact that it is really condensed so there isn’t a lot of stupid fluff material.

One of the problems I’ve had with other guides, other PUA programs and other self help products in general is the fact that they take up 400 pages to say what they could have said in just 25 pages, but they bulk it up to impress you with their size, lame. So the fact that this program got to the point was appreciated.

How long does it take to get the program?

The Online Game is a totally digital product so as soon as you order it, you get access immediately. This is good too because you can choose to just leave it on your computer if you want since you probably don’t want a bunch of CDs and books about how to mack on chicks online laying around your house when you have girls over.

Who will this work for?

Of course if you are horrible with women, look like a total troll who lives under a bridge etc.. then it may take a bit more that this one guide to turn you into an online dating badass. But I think that most guys who apply what they learn in here should see some success.

You definitely don’t need to be really good looking or have money to make this work. I think that’s one of the big misconceptions that a lot of guys have about online dating and it’s just not true (although it always helps ;P)

This guys is also probably best for guys under like 45 or so. Old dudes could probably use it, but it’s kind of got a youthful focus. If you are say 20-37 going after women 18-35 you will probably get the most out of it.

Best part?

For me I’ve been focusing on Facebook a lot lately because there are some real hotties I want to get with on there so I wanted to apply the stuff he teaches and so far it’s been getting me some great responses. It’s like it just does all the work for you so you don’t even need to think about it.

Is there a sale or special price on this?

Here’s the link to get access at the lowest price available Get The Online Game Here… Let me know what you think of it…

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